About ReallyBig.tv

ReallyBig.tv, also known as ReallyBigNetwork.tv, is network-quality, Internet TV or Web TV, on-demand 24/7/366, available on any device, viewable from anywhere, no cable required.

ReallyBig.tv or ReallyBigNetwork.tv is free to the viewer.

ReallyBig.tv has greater reach than cable TV because anyone, regardless of cable or dish provider, can view ReallyBig.tv because it is available on the Web, and can be seen on any device - iPad, smartphone, computer and many of the new TVs Only a broadband connection or WiFi is required.

Subscribers to any and all cable or dish TV outlets are welcome to watch ReallyBig.tv content, as are viewers from anywhere in the world.

Founder David E. Feldman earned a Masters Degree from the Queens College School of Library and Information Science and was a founding partner of eFace Media (1989, then E. Face Graphics), which offers advertising, branding, print and internet marketing services, along with video and television commercial production and media buying.

He is founding partner of LongIslandNY.tv, which delivers network quality, on-demand TV via the Web. In its first 3 years he produced nearly 400 programs, with many thousands of views per month.

He is also managing member at eFace Research, which offers competitive intelligence, knowledge management, business and market research, and information science services.

He has written three books, Pilgrimage from Darkness, Bad Blood, and Born of War.

He has written, produced and/or directed several films and TV commercials, along with many corporate and industrial videos. His film Let Me Out! won Best Psychological Drama at the 2009 NY International Film Festival.

More recently, his film, Everyone Deserves A Decent Life, produced with N.Y. State Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, spotlighting the challenges of caring for people with developmental disabilities, won the Alan Fortunoff Humanitarian Film award at LIIFE, the 2014 Long Island International Film Expo.

He is on the Board of Directors of the Woodward Children's Center in Freeport and the American Society for Quality, Long Island Chapter. He is a former member of the Long Island Builders Institute.