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Special Needs TV - Yndhira, a Caregiver in NYC

Special Needs TV - Yndhira, a Caregiver in NYC - Yndhira, a Caregiver in NYC, loves her job, but struggles to make a living on her salary.

Harvey Weisenberg Presents FREE Drum Corps with $10,000

Harvey Weisenberg of the Harvey and Ellen Weisenberg Special Needs Foundation presents a $10,000 Check to the FREE Players Drum Corps., which will help enable them to travel to and participate in a national competition in the future. Robert Budd, CEO of FREE explains, and this very special Drum Corps. salutes Harvey in the way they know best.

Council President Supports Higher Pay for Special Needs Caregivers

Long Beach City Council President Len Torres Supports Higher Pay for Special Needs Caregivers.

Alliance of LI Agencies Press Conference

Alliance of LI Agencies Press Conference - 300 Days to Better Pay

The Harvey and Ellen Weisenberg Bill will look into the reasons for low pay and high turnover of those who care for people with special needs. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Ortt and Assemblywoman Gunther, directs the Commissioner of OPWDD to research and identify the causes of the high turnover and vacancy rates in positions that provide direct support for individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The bill also will require OPWDD to identify the resources necessary to fix this problem.