Jammin' With J-Bird

Jammin' With J-Bird - The Long Beach Roxx NY Festival

10.26.14 10:17:36

h Roxx NY Rock 'N Roll Festival, which roars into town Thursday, October 23rd.

Who's rockin'? And how is J-Bird's not-for-profit, J-Bird Music for the Arts, Inc. helping high school music programs all over the sta

Jammin' With J-Bird - Riffs Contest Results

08.18.15 06:00:14

Jammin' With J-Bird - Riffs Contest Results:
J-Bird welcomes the April and May 2015 Show Us Your Riffs Contest Winners.

Jammin' with J-Bird - Still Waters in a Storm

01.09.15 07:31:39

J-Bird visits a very unique educational institution - Still Waters in a Storm, in Bushwick, Brooklyn.